Big Air front flip at The Remarkables Ski Area. Photo of the week.


This week’s photo of the week is from the Big Air comp. at The Remarkable’s Ski Area.  The snowboarders went first and by the time the skiers got to begin practising the warm spring conditions meant the run-in was a lot slower and it was difficult for them to even clear the jump let alone throw down tricks on it.  However, despite this the skiers threw down and I got this cool shot of a guy called “Tommy” throwing an impressively large front flip on the Big Air trick booter.  If you know this guy’s last name I’d love to hear from you.

At this stage in the afternoon the clouds had set in pretty good but I think this shot looks sweet as a black and white.  Until next week…

Big Air front flip skier

A semi-unknown skier (Tommy somebody I believe) throwing down a huge front flip at the Remarkables Ski Area Big Air Comp last week.

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