Queenstown Engagement Photography Epic light + stunning location + awesome couple + world's happiest dog = beautiful pix from Gill, Cathal & Reggie Dog's Engagement Shoot! fallon photography

Gill & Cathal’s Queenstown Hiking Engagement Shoot with Reggie Dog!

Gill and Cathal are outdoorsy Queenstown types who love their fur baby Reggie Dog.  So a Queenstown Hiking Engagement Shoot was perfect for them and their pooch!

We decided to do the shoot on the summit of Queenstown Hill as the Queenstown Hill Walking Track was in their back yard and one of their favourite places to go.

Good times were had (including a cheeky mountain-top beer/champagne), great snaps were snapped, Reggie Dog did about 12 laps of Queenstown Hill with all his running about, and Gill, Cathal and I sat back and had our gobs smacked by a pretty spectacular Queenstown evening.

Anyhoo, enough wiffle-waffle from me…I’ll let the photos do the talking….

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