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The Ultimate Social Media Management App (Part 2)

A while back I published this blog post on how to handle social media like a pro.  (If you didn’t read it, it outlines my search for the ultimate Social Media Management or SMM app to make managing all my various Social Media profiles, messages, posts etc in a simple stress-free way).  Well, in this post my search for The Ultimate Social Media Management App reaches it’s conclusion.  If you want to learn about the awesome SMM app I have discovered and started using for my businesses, read on.

At the time of my last post, I had narrowed my long and painful search for The Ultimate Social Media Management App down to Sprout Social and Zoho Social.  However, since writing that blog post I have discovered another (little known but very powerful) SMM app that while not perfect, blows everything else I have tried out of the water.  The app I am talking about is called Social Report and it is quite simply amazing.

Some of the features I love about it are;

  • Awesome calendar – posts can be re-scheduled by drag and drop as well as click and edit
  • Content Groups for posts – allows you to easily find and edit similar posts but especially makes it easier to come up with post ideas based on Content Group subjects
  • Amazing analytics (including competitor reporting and automatic scheduled email reports)
  • Social automations (eg automatic Likes or re-tweets of likes shares and mentions.  Also includes exceptions based on keywords to prevent auto liking of say a negative mention).
  • Auto scheduling of posts based on analytics
  • Evergreen re-posting of posts
  • Queue scheduling
  • Unified inbox
  • Customised version of posts to meet Twitter 140 character limit
  • In post image editing
  • Social Report can post to pretty much any social profile known to man incl Instagram and Pinterest
  • Photos or videos in posts

Areas that need improvement

  • The unified Inbox has been buggy for me and is slow and cumbersome to use.  The bugs I have experienced mainly revolve around me marking a notification as done and next time I log in it’s not marked as done.  The slowness with Inbox is that you have to click on a notification to open it and see what it is, then click to action it.  And you have to do this one by one.  So it’s very slow to go through every interesting notification opening them and actioning them one by one.  But this is not a major for me and the rest of the app is so awesome it outweighs this small negative.
  • The other area I feel Social Report could be improved is in custom image sizes/formats for different types of posts.  Eg there is a built-in “Customise for Twitter” option but this is text only.  It would be great to be able to edit the same image in a post differently based on the social profile it was going to be posted to.  But now I’m getting fussy!

Long story short, Social Report is awesome and has made it soooooo much easier to manage all of my Social Profiles.  Even more importantly, it has made it much easier and more fun for me to come up with relevant social posts for all of my Social Profiles and schedule them to be posted at the time they are most likely to be read.

My search for The Ultimate Social Media Management App is over and Social Report is that app.

Social report the ultimate social media managment app

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