Holy Crap! Double back-flips, flip whips, double bar-spin back flips…all in the first hour or so of practise.

I popped by the Teva Slopestyle course this afternoon on my way out for a ride.  The course had just opened and a handful of riders were already doing a few practise runs.  Jed Mildon, Luke McCombie, Benny Phillips and Sam Dueck were all there, to name but a few.  In just the first couple of hours I witnessed double back-flips, flip whips and double bar-spin back flips.  I got some wicked photos in the later afternoon sun and needless to say never made it out for my ride…

Judging by the way these riders were throwing down in just their first few runs on the Teva slopestyle course we can expect to see some massive, technical tricks by the time the finals roll around on Thursday night.  If you live in Queenstown make sure you at least check out the finals, practise tomorrow (Wednesday 9 – 3) and Thursday will also be good spectating.  Don’t miss the opportunity to watch some top NZ and international riders doing their thing on this amazing course!

Speaking of the course, all the feedback I heard from the riders today on the course was really positive.  It seems like Kelly and Tom really nailed it, especially considering the physical restrictions created by the size and layout of the Ballarat Street Car-park venue.  So props to the boys for designing and building a wicked slopestyle course.  I hope to see you all there on Thursday!  I’ll be posting more photos tomorrow night.


Benny Phillips, double bar-spin back-flip

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