WIN WIN: I just signed up a new client – and they make bikes!!

Ok, in case you haven’t figured it out yet from all the photos of bikes on this website, I love bikes.  Mostly mountain bikes, but I love all kinds of bikes and in addition to my beloved mountain bike I also own and ride a road bike and a BMX (that is admittedly seldom and badly-used).  So I was pretty delighted to recently sign up a new client because (1) They are a New Zealand company and (2) They make bikes!

If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen the following photo and a rather enigmatic post along these lines recently…

Avanti Coppermine 29er mountain bike

I love bikes!!

The company I am talking about is Sheppard Industries and they make Avanti bikes (mountain, road and bmx amongst others).   I took the above bike, an Avanti Coppermine 29er full sus trail-bike out on the Moonlight Track the other day with my good mate Jarna Mackenzie to take a few photos for an ad for Avanti.  I can’t share all the pix with you but here are a couple of B-roll pix to stop your eyes from getting hungry…I’m hoping to do more work with Avanti in the near future so stay tuned…

Jarna “Emo” Mackenzie rails the big wheels of the Avanti Coppermine 29er on the beautiful but narrow wheel-rut that is the Moonlight Track.


Jarna “Emo” Mackenzie riding the Avanti Coppermine 29er on the Moonlight Track.

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