Stunning Partridge Jewellers launch at Peregrine Winery

High end New Zealand jewellery retailer Partridge Jeweller’s recently opened a new store in Queenstown and decided to hold the Partridge Jewellers Queenstown launch at Peregrine Winery.  Peregrine was simultaneously launching their 2009 Karearea Pinot Noir so the timing and the location were perfect.  These two brands are both prestigious companies who do everything with a great deal of style so I was flattered to be asked to photograph their co-launch.

Peregrine in my opinion is a fantastic venue for any event.  The swooping Karearea’s/falcons wing of the winery roof set amongst the vines and the rugged mountains of Gibbston Valley is truly eye-catching.  The cellar door and wine-cellar, where the co-launch was held, are just as beautiful.  The wine cellar is dimly but beautifully lit, with long symmetrical rows of wine barrels lit by candle-light, and striking but simple concrete architecture.  The cellar door with it’s back-lit wine-wall, comfortable leather couch and fine art on the walls is likewise a photographer’s dream.  Soft light, with beautiful structure and moodily-lit colour.  It didn’t hurt that we were given the opportunity to taste a rare and truly stunning wine either!  To top it off Partridge Jewellers were showcasing some stunning Rolex watches and other gorgeous jewellery and the glittering goodies couldn’t have been displayed in a better situation.  They really sparkled and shone in the moodily lit Peregrine wine cellar.

Anyway, enough words from me – I can’t really do the event justice with words anyway.  Here are a handful of photos from the event I thought I would share – I hope you enjoy them.  And now I had better run out the door.  It is my good friend Jim Hawkridge’s wedding today in Paradise (a real place believe it or not, and only an hour-ish from Queenstown) and I can’t wait!  Have a great weekend!