Productivity Hacks & Apps – Part 1 of 3: Swipes, the coolest funnest easiest swipiest and most effective to-do app ever.

I thought it might be helpful for some of you folks out there in interwebs-world if I shared a few productivity apps I use in my business and life that I find awesome. I’m going to start with the app I use for my to-do list, Swipes.  I use Swipes on my Macs (Macbook Pro and iMac) and my iPhone 6.

They also do an iPad version.  Swipes isn’t available in a PC/Windows desktop version but there is a web version you can use on any machine and an Android version for mobile devices.  And the best bit is, all of these apps are 100% FREE!!  (Swipes is working on a “Pro” version with more powerful features that will require a monthly subscription but the free app is plenty for me and my business and I’m sure it will be for many of you too).

So why do I like Swipes so much?

  • Clean, un-cluttered design.
  • Snooze & done/archive features – if you’ve ever used Mailbox (R.I.P.), Inbox by Google, Polymail, Airmail, Boxer, CloudMagic (now Newtwon) you will know how useful this feature is and how you pretty much can’t go back to life without it once you’ve gotten used to it.
  • Swipe gestures on mobile devices – actually makes it fun to update your to-do list!  (Never thought those words would come out of my mouth!).
  • Tags allows you to find the task you want when you want it
  • Syncs seamlessly across multiple devices
  • It’s free (but it’s so useful I’d probably pay for it if I had to)

What are my gripes about Swipes?  Nothing major, these are all small complaints but since you asked…

  • They use the 3 icons for Snooze, Inbox, Archive/Done in different places throughout the app and in each place they do slightly different things.
  • You can’t re-order sub-tasks.
  • Sub-tasks that are longer than a certain number of characters can’t be viewed in full without clicking to open them up.
  • The delete confirmation window looks totally different and always feels like it’s a pop-up from a completely different app.  (Told you I was nit-picking!).


That’s about all I can think of for now.  And here’s a little screen capture video I did of how to use the major features of Swipes.  Enjoy!