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Who is this Patrick guy anyway? Who is this Patrick guy anyway? queenstown wedding photography packages Good question! - I'm a photographer.
(That's me in the pic, with my girl on the West Coast).
But more importantly, I am...
Constantly hungry, slightly silly, prone to jumping in lakes and rivers, always planning the next coffee, a 7 year old child (or possibly a dog) trapped in a man's body, usually on a bicycle and just happy to be alive!
Nice to meet you!
Relaxed, natural, fun I believe great wedding photography can and should be relaxed, natural and fun. And that’s what I strive to bring to every wedding, big or small. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy! My deposits are refundable. I also offer flexible payment schedules and payment by credit card. I believe in transparent, honest communication and going above & beyond. A tall bald Wedding Planning Fairy I've always been "wedding planner-y" (it's a word, ok!) and I'm also a wedding blogger. So, I'm happy to help with wedding info and advice, vendor recommendations etc.

Slide Yup.
That's right - 30% off.
I'm offering 30% off all of my Proposal Photography Packages if you book by 31 December 2020. Just click the button below to schedule a chat with me.

Straight after our chat, I will whip up and share with you

#1 A Personalised Shoot Day Timeline including Secret Squirrel Scenarios, travel times, best time to shoot at each location etc.

#2 Custom Proposal Photography Packages tailored just for you.

IMPORTANT; Since Covid-19, I have made all my deposits refundable and my payment terms even more flexible. (And yes, you can pay by credit card). Get in touch by clicking the button below and I will send you all the info within 24 hours.

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