Pricing that is....

+ Affordable

+ Transparent

+ Fair

For your Queenstown Photography.

I believe that beautiful professional photography doesn't have to be complicated and expensive.

Why work with us

Queenstown Photography that is 100% relaxed, natural and fun - and fairly priced!

100% refundable

All payments including your deposit are 100% refundable should you cancel for any reason 24 hours or more before the shoot date.

No Rescheduling Fees - Ever!

You can reschedule as many times as you want, I don't charge rescheduling fees.  Ever.

Pay the balance AFTERWARDS

You don't have to pay a cent of your balance until after the shoot date if you don't want to.

Pricing That Is

Simple, Affordable, Flexible



  first hour

  • 100% refundable
  • Pay your balance after the shoot
  • Credit card payments available
  • $100 deposit
  • One rate so you don't pay more for the word "wedding"
  • No minimum coverage
  • Totally flexible



 each additional hour

If you book me for more than 1 hour of photography, you get a discounted rate of $400 per  hour for every additional hour after the first.

Eg if you wished to book me for 3 hours, the total cost would be $500 for the first hour + $400 per hour for the 2nd and 3rd hours = $1,300 total.

5⭐ reviews

Gillian MacKay


Patrick was our wedding photographer for our small wedding out at Paradise trust and Kinloch lodge last week. The photos are absolutely stunning, we are so happy with them, and he sent them to us really quickly....

Julie Scott


Well....where do I start with this review.... Patrick is an incredibly talented photographer who has given us the most amazing and magical memories of our wedding day!...

Denise & John


Patrick made our wedding day completely stress-free. As we eloped to Queenstown with a group of friends, there were a few things that came up last minute on the wedding morning.  Patrick stepped in and helped us with...


Are there any additional charges?

For 99% of my shoots the above pricing is all you pay.  And I don't charge extra for standard editing or the digital files.  However, if I need to travel further than 50km return from central Queenstown then a travel fee will probably apply and if you require retouching above and beyond my normal editing then there is an additional fee.  (see below for details).  Note also that my Heli rate is for photography only and does not include the helicopter costs.  But I am happy to provide a Heli quote to you if you would like one and it doesn't change the cost to you if I book the heli for you.

When does Coverage start/end?

Coverage starts when we meet at the first shooting location and ends when we finish shooting at the final shooting location.  Any time between the start time and the end time is billed at my normal rates regardless of whether we are shooting or driving/flying.

What does your pricing include?

My pricing includes delivery of approx. 50 professionally edited images per hour of shooting delivered electronically via Google Drive in both high and low resolution without watermarks.  Eg if we shoot for 2 hours, I would expect to deliver to you approx. 100 edited high res images and the same number of low res images.

My pricing does not include transport, helicopter flights, hair and makeup, wardrobe of any kind, prints or advanced photo retouching (things like removing tattoos, advanced skin retouching, slimming and stretching)..

Do I get the RAW files?

No, like most professional photographers I do not hand over the RAW files.  For the full explanation of why not, please check out this blog post I wrote on the subject -

Do you shoot outside of Queenstown?

Yep, I'm happy to shoot outside of Queenstown and do the odd shoot here and there,.  I even venture "across the ditch" to the north island from time to time.  Please get in touch for more info on my travel fees.

Why do you have Heli and Non-heli Pricing?

I wish I didn't because it would make my pricing even simpler and easier to understand.  For heli shoots I charge more for the first hour only, after that my normal rates apply.  The reasons for the higher Heli rate are as follows;

  • The going rate for heli photography is already way higher than what I charge even at my higher rate.
  • My life insurance doesn't cover me when I fly in a helicopter.
  • My partner doesn't like me flying so I'm not desperate to book more heli flights.

Do you provide transport?

If you need me to pick you up from and drop you off before and after your shoot, I am happy to do so if I am available but coverage will start from the time I pick you up and end at the time I drop you off.

How fast is your editing turn around?

I normally try to pick a few favourite shots, edit them and share them with you in low res by the night of the shoot day.  The rest of your images I will usually have edited and delivered to you in 2 - 3 days.  Note however that I can't deliver your images until I have been paid in full, so if there are delays with me receiving your final payment that will slow down the delivery of your images.


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