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Louise + Tom’s Breathtakingly Beautiful Winter Wedding Queenstown

Louise + Tom’s Breathtakingly Beautiful Queenstown Winter Wedding

If I could clone Louise & Tom and pretty much everything about their Queenstown Winter Wedding, I would have to seriously consider it!


These two crazy cats are such awesome people – natural, relaxed, loving and funny. And on top of all this, they’re good looking too! You could pretty much use the exact same words to describe their Queenstown Winter Wedding.


Their wedding day was kind of an unusual one. It started out with a small and intimate courthouse wedding with just their closest friends and family in attendance.

spectacular queenstown winter wedding


Then Louise, Tom and their bridal party (which consisted of Louise’s brother and Tom’s two sisters) and I whipped out to the Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters heliport out at Frankton. We jumped into a helicopter and zipped off to Vanguard Peak (a stunning mountain just behind Coronet Peak Ski Area).

spectacular queenstown winter wedding

Rock Spires, Epic Light & Ankle-Deep Snow

I had never shot at Vanguard Peak and it was absolutely stunning. The weather was literally perfect, not a breath of wind, blue skies with a hint of cloud and drama. We found a cool spot with some amazing rock spires and a stunning view as a backdrop. The snow was well over ankle deep and blanketed the entire scene in perfect white.  The photos we captured together that day are easily some of my best Queenstown Winter Wedding Photos ever.  Even now when I look at them, I can’t help but smile.  Not only because the photos are beautiful (even if I do say so myself!).  But also because Tom and Louise and their friends and family are such lovely people.  And it was such an awesome, relaxed, fun day.

spectacular queenstown winter wedding

Stupid AND Awesome

The Bridal Party photos were hilarious, Louise & Tom couldn’t help themselves and every now and again would bust out the most hilarious poses (that you knew were totally “them”, not them trying to be anything). They apologised for their poses but I loved them and feel they really showed their happy, funny personalities.


After the heli, we drove out to Thurlby Domain.  Here 50 or so of their friends and family waited in the beautiful old stone Stables.  The Stables at Thurlby Domain is a stunning long rectangular building with stone walls and a tin roof. The floor is cobbled stone and the walls are dotted with ancient wooden stable doors and candle sconces.  Skylights dot the roof for 3/4 of the buildings length.  These skylights let in a lovely soft light for most of the building.  Beyond where the Bride & Groom normally stand for their vows there are no skylights.  This makes for an incredibly moody dark background that focuses attention on the Bride & Groom.

Vicki, a good friend, acted as an unofficial celebrant for the re-enactment of Tom & Louise’s wedding vows.  Tom and Louise walked down the aisle together hand in hand and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house at that point.  Their Wedding Ceremony was short and sweet and beautiful.  I think the fact that Tom & Louise were officially married already by this point made this ceremony reenactment feel super relaxed and natural for them.

spectacular queenstown winter wedding


After the ceremony everybody moved over to the old red wool-shed for canapes and champagne and a general catch-up. After much laughter and a respectable amount of champagne the guests all hopped into a bus and made their way out to The Winehouse in Gibbston Valley for the Reception.  And this was where the party really got started with amazing food and wine, and live acoustic music from local duo Freefall.


It’s funny.  Thinking about it before the wedding day, it felt like Tom & Louise’s Day could potentially be quite busy-feeling (ie the opposite of relaxed).  After all, their day packed in a courthouse wedding, a heli flight, a ceremony re-enactment and a reception.  Ie a total of 4 key parts to the day in 4 completely different locations.  And one of them was only accessible by helicopter! But in the end Tom & Louise’s Queenstown Winter Wedding didn’t feel rushed or busy at all – quite the opposite. The way the day worked out felt so relaxed and fun and natural and so perfect for not only Tom & Louise but their friends and family too. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go and Google “How to clone humans”… In the meantime, enjoy a few more pictures from Louise and Tom’s amazing wedding day!

Last but not least, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Hair To Wed, Eve Makeup Artistry, Helitours, Winehouse and Blue Peaks Lodge Queenstown.  You guys all played a big pat in making Louise & Tom’s day so awesome!

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