Siobhan & Guilherme's Queenstown Post Wedding Heli shoot fallon photography

Siobhan & Guilherme’s Stunning Queenstown Sunset Post Wedding Heli shoot

On the 19th of April I had the pleasure of photographing the rather good-looking couple Siobhan & Guilherme’s Trash The Dress Shoot – and what a day it was!

Guilherme used to live in Queenstown for 3 years and they both loved the area so when it came time to plan their wedding Queenstown was the natural choice.

They got married the Thursday before their wedding and a family friend took the photos but they knew they wanted something special photo-wise to remember their time in Queenstown by and so they decided to do a Trash The Dress shoot with me a few days after the wedding.

We couldn’t have been luckier really.  The autumn colours in Arrowtown were just stunning so we spent some time taking photos there and then, thanks to the lovely folks at Heliworks, we flew up to Remarkable’s Ridge and managed to catch some amazing sunset light on what had otherwise been a rather gray & gloomy afternoon.  Thanks Siobhan & Guilherme for being so amazing in front of the camera and basically making me look good!   You two rock!

Anyhoo, enough wiffle-waffle from me, I’ll let the pix speak for themselves…




FALLON_160419_1936_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_1934_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_1932_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_1930_Master_Preview
FALLON_160419_1920_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_1915_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_1909_Master_PreviewFALLON_160419_1946_Master_PreviewFALLON_160419_9449_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9487_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9486_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9483_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9480_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9474_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9472_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9471_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9469_Master_Previewx
FALLON_160419_9461_Master_Preview FALLON_160419_9457_Master_PreviewFALLON_160419_1952_Master_Preview

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