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Free Queenstown Wedding Planning Pack Guide

I created this Queenstown Wedding Planning Pack to help couples like you pull off their Dream Queenstown Wedding.

You could say that I am quite a “wedding planner-y” Wedding Photographer I guess.  I like to help couples out with info and advice when they ask for it.  And I get a lot of couples asking me for Wedding Planning advice.

(This is also why I started The Queenstown Wedding Blog, of which I am the author and owner.  If you are planning a Queenstown Wedding make sure you check the Queenstown Wedding Blog’s latest Posts out as it is full of useful info.  FYI  The Queenstown Wedding Blog also has a fully searchable Queenstown Wedding Venue & Vendor Directory so is a great way to find your Dream Queenstown Wedding Venue or Vendor).

I have put all the questions (and answers) I get the most often from my couples into this Wedding Planning Pack.  Hopefully you find it helpful.  The Pack is a downloadable PDF containing 24 pages of Wedding Planning info and inspiration including;

If this sounds like your cup of tea, just click on the image below.  Oh, and feel free to share this Queenstown Wedding Planning Pack with anybody who you think might find it of interest.  I hope you find the information useful and good luck with the wedding planning and preparation!


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