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Rav and Shirlene’s sunset heli-wedding – The Ledge, Cecil Peak

One of the things I love about shooting outside is the fact that the weather and the light is different every single day.  The weather and the light may not be what you expected or even what you hoped for, but no matter what the weather or the light does there is beauty and magic to be found in it if you can stay open-minded and adaptable.

Rav & Shirlene’s sunset heli-wedding was a perfect example of this.  Originally when Rav got in touch with me they were planning a sunrise heli-wedding at The Ledge on Cecil Peak on the 12th of December.  However, the lovely guys and girls at Heliworks were watching the weather like hawks (as they do) and being the super-proactive switched on people that they are suggested to Rav and myself that we bring the heli-wedding forward a day and do a sunset shoot instead (Rav and Shirlene were only arriving into town that morning).  Luckily super-celebrant Kathryn Omond and myself were both free, we did a bit of schedule-jiggling and made it work.

And boy am I glad we did!  It was clouding over pretty quickly the afternoon of the wedding and I wasn’t sure what the weather gods were going to deliver while were up there.  Luckily, in the end the light was lovely and soft and romantic during the ceremony (which I absolutely loved – no squinting and beautiful soft shadows) and then just as Rav and Shirlene popped the champagne the sun came out in all it’s glory.

The light was so beautiful that day that…well, I’m just going to stop now and let the photos do the talking.

Heliworks, thanks for your impeccable planning and a great call on the weather, Kathryn Omond thanks for a lovely ceremony as always, and Rav and Shirlene thanks for having me at your wedding and being such an awesome couple.

(Editing your photos I was struck again by how obviously head over heels in love you two are – it’s a beautiful thing).




FALLON_151211_4916_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_2709_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_2726_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_2735_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_2780_Master_1920
FALLON_151211_2784_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_2794_Master_1920

FALLON_151211_4930_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_4953_Master_1920FALLON_151211_2801_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_4964_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_4990_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_5003_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_5009_Master-Edit_1920 FALLON_151211_5011_Master-Edit_1920 FALLON_151211_5023_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_5032_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_5114_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_5116_Master_1920 FALLON_151211_5140_Master_1920

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