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Refundable Wedding Deposits Covid-19

And the most flexible payment terms the New Zealand wedding industry has ever seen.

Right now, the phrase “wedding deposits Covid 19” is popping up quite a bit on Google. There are many couples out there planning a wedding who have either experienced first-hand or heard of couples losing their deposits when Covid-19 forced them to cancel their wedding.

And I don’t say this to point the finger at any wedding venues or vendors out there. It is simply not financially possible for many vendors to refund deposits when they get hit with a bunch of cancellations. I myself havehad to turn down one request for a refund. (Of course, my contract clearly spelt out that the deposit was non-refundable – but nobody considers the possibility of a global pandemic when reviewing their wedding vendor’s contract).

But things have changed for me and for the rest of the world…

Say hello to Refundable Wedding Deposits Covid 19 styles

When Covid-19 hit and New Zealand went into lock-down, a lot of couples were in the horrible situation of not being able to get their deposits back when they were forced to cancel their wedding because of Covid-19. I decide then and there that moving forward I would make my deposits fully refundable.

I think it’s safe to say that I now offer some of the most flexible deposits and payment terms for weddings in New Zealand.

My wedding deposits are even refundable as long as you cancel 30 days or more before the wedding date.

On top of this, I am totally flexible when it comes to deposit amounts and payment terms. My normal payment system is 50% deposit upon booking with the balance of 50% due 30 days before your wedding. But, like I said, I am totally flexible. If you are struggling to save up the money for your deposit or you would like to drip-feed the payments towards the remaining balance, just get in touch at and I will see what I can do.



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