Jessie & Buck’s Totally Off-The-Cuff Queenstown Gardens Elopement

This September I had the pleasure of photographing Jessie & Buck’s totally off-the-cuff Queenstown Gardens Elopement.  The weather was perfect, blue skies with clouds and the light softening at times.Queenstown Gardens Elopement winterThere were no roses in the rose garden yet and almost all of the trees still looked naked, not having regained their leaves yet after winter.  But i had arrived early and found a nice spot for us with a background of cherry blossoms and other flowers for the ceremony location.  (Complete with a girl reclined reading a book on a picnic bench nearby for that ultra realistic park feel!).


Queenstown Gardens Elopement winterJessie & Buck had such a relaxed, down-to-earth approach to their wedding day, it was lovely.  Jessie had walked into Holland Hair Salon on the morning of her wedding day without a booking!  She and Rachel, her mum, both got their hair done, no fuss no muss as those New Yorkers would say!

Not only that, but Jessie actually arrived at the ceremony location 15 minutes before Buck, which surprised me to say the least!

When Jessie turned up early, her wonderful celebrant Philippa Thomas and I didn’t panic, we just got her ready and hid her in the bushes nearby so she could still get that lovely First Look moment when she popped out of the bushes and Buck saw her in her wedding dress for the first time.

Well, soon enough Buck arrived and our efforts to hide Jessie in the bushes paid off.  The look on his face when he saw his Jessie in her wedding dress for the first time was a moment Jessie will treasure.

Thanks to Philippa, Jessie & Buck’s Queenstown Gardens Elopement was simple, natural and beautiful and totally them.  It was also very intimate, with just Jessie & Buck, Jessie’s mum Rachel and her husband Will, Jessie & Buck’s kids Maddy (14 months) & Braxton (4) there to see them become husband and wife.

(Braxton did provide some mid-ceremony entertainment.  At one point he wandered quite far off into the distance for an explore but Will was able to scoop him up and bring him back.  After the ceremony, Braxton found the girl reading a book reclined and very comfortable on a nearby park bench with her bike leaning up.  He then proceeded to ring her bicycle’s bell continuously for several minutes, luckily she thought he was cute and didn’t mind at all).

Queenstown Gardens Elopement winter

Anyway, enough words from me, time for the photos to do the rest of the talking…

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