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7 Queenstown Wedding Trends for 2018


Queenstown Wedding Trends, like wedding trends anywhere, are constantly changing.  Now, just because something wedding-y becomes “a thing” doesn’t mean you have to do it at your wedding too.  But often there is a good reason these Wedding Trends become trends in the first place.  They are often minor details that cost little to nothing extra but can add a little something extra to your wedding.  Hopefully some of the Queenstown Wedding Trends listed in this Post will serve as a source of inspiration for your wedding.

Below are the Latest Queenstown Wedding Trends.  I have noticed these Trends at several of the weddings I have shot over the past year.  Have a look and who knows, you just might find some ideas you fall in love with…

  1. Seating the bride and groom’s family on the opposite side of the aisle.  If the bride’s (or groom’s) family sits on the same side of the aisle as her they are usually only seeing the side or back of her head.  Being seated on the opposite side of the aisle to the bride means that her family are able to see her face properly during the ceremony.  RELATED POSTS: “Wedding Ceremony: On Which Side Does Each Family Sit?” by  “switching sides at the wedding ceremony” by wedding trends Andrea + Pat | A Stunning Thurlby Domain Wedding fallon photography
  2. Bucking tradition – when it suits.  Tradition dictates that the groom stands on the right side of the altar from the guest’s point of view.  This is all to do with keeping his sword arm free back in the day to defend himself and his bride-to-be from attackers.  But let’s face it, most grooms these days don’t carry swords.  In short, if there is a wedding tradition that doesn’t work for you, ditch it.  Embrace the wedding traditions that do work for you. RELATED POSTS:50 Wedding Traditions and Superstitions” by . You might also want to check out “24 Wedding Traditions You Can Totally Skip” by wedding trends Now this is what I call a Queenstown Winter Wedding!! At Coronet Peak...on a snow storm!! fallon photography
  3. Elopements and Elopement-style Wedding.  It seems that Queenstown Elopements and Elopement-style Weddings are becoming more and more popular.  And with good reason.  Elopements and Elopement-Style Weddings have a lot of advantages.  For a start, smaller guest numbers open up whole new possibilities in terms of Outdoor Elopement Locations, Ceremony and Reception Venues.  There are dozens of amazing Queenstown Restaurants and Cafes that would make amazing Queenstown Reception Venues for an Elopement.  (Eg. check out The Library Room at Gantley’s Restaurant).  Some couples take it one step further and don’t have a Reception per-se at all.  They just go out for a lovely dinner that evening with their closest friends and family.  (No Reception Venue fee anyone?).  The other advantage with an Elopement?  Many Queenstown Wedding Photographers (myself included) offer discounted Wedding Photography Packages for Mid-Week Elopements.  This could save you some serious $$$.  RELATED POSTS & LINKS: 25+ Best Elopement Ideas on Pinterest.  “Why more couples are eloping” by wedding trends Kestin + Chris | Queenstown Midwinter Elopement fallon photography Bob's Cove Elopement
  4. Mid-Week Weddings.  Following on from #3 above, with an Elopement it is much easier to plan a mid-week wedding.  This is because the smaller guest numbers means it is less likely somebody can’t attend if the wedding isn’t on a weekend.  RELATED BLOG POSTS:The advantages and disadvantages of a mid-week wedding” by  “I had a mid-week wedding – but it still felt like a work day for guests” by wedding trends Chapel By The Lake Elopement
  5. Wooden or artificial flowers.  There are a lot of advantages to wooden or artificial wedding flowers such as those offered by Everlasting Daisies. They often can’t be distinguished from the real thing and they don’t go off.  On top of this, they don’t aggravate people’s allergies.  Artificial wedding flowers are also available regardless of season or location and they are tough.  I have photographed weddings where the artificial flowers travelled internationally in checked luggage and still looked perfect on the wedding day.  RELATED BLOG POSTS:   “100 Best Wooden Flower Images on Pinterest“.  “Top 5 benefits to real and fake flowers” by
  6. “Not your everyday Wedding Car”.  Many brides these days are opting for something different when it comes to the Wedding Car.  Some arrive by bus (eg Remarkable Experience).  Some walk from their Getting Ready Location to the Ceremony Venue if it’s super close.  (Eg walking from Jewel On Speargrass to a Thurlby Domain Ceremony is literally a walk in the park.  Jewel On Speargrass is literally a stone’s throw from Thurlby Domain. RELATED BLOG POSTS & LINKS  “25 Unusual Wedding Car Ideas” by Wedding Cars by Google Images.
  7. Thinking outside the box.  A recent trend is thinking outside the box – particularly when it comes to scouting wedding venues and photo locations. Sophia Headley of explains this one better than I ever could;

    “Couples are being inspired to think outside the norm when scouting for their wedding venue and locations. Combinations of unique outdoor ceremonies followed by dinner at a favourite restaurant, or dinner party events under a marquee in a field are becoming popular as couples look for creative options where they have a blank canvas.” RELATED BLOG POSTS & LINKS:  Thinking Outside The Box Images on Pinterest.  “Wedding Venues – Thinking Outside The Box” by  “Wedding Budget Tip #37: Think outside the box for catering” by

    As well as being a full-time Queenstown Wedding Photographer, I am also the author of The Queenstown Wedding Blog.  So, if you are looking for Queenstown Wedding Venues and Vendors or just Queenstown Wedding Planning info and advice, you might want to check it out.  It is choc-full of useful info and tips.  Cheers, Patrick.

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