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Lauren & Andy’s Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Thurlby Domain Autumn Wedding

What a day Lauren & Andy’s Thurlby Domain Autumn Wedding turned out to be!  Now, I had been looking forward to Lauren & Andy’s Thurlby Domain Autumn Wedding for a loooooong time and for a number of reasons.  But in the end, Lauren & Andy’s Wedding was even more fun and even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  (And no, I don’t throw the words “Jaw Droppingly Beautiful” about casually!).

I had been looking forward to Lauren & Andy’s Wedding right from the get-go because;

  1. Lauren & Andy are just a lovely, super down-to-earth, relaxed Kiwi couple.  There approach to Weddings and Wedding Photography is much like my own – they believe both should be relaxed, natural & fun.  Which is why I knew that they were my kind of people.  And this is also the reason I knew their Wedding Day would be super relaxed and fun.
  2. They were getting married at Thurlby Domain.  As I’m sure you will know by now, Thurlby Domain is my one of my “favourite-est” Queenstown Wedding Venues ever.  Plus it looks good in any weather and at any time of year.  However…
  3. A Thurlby Domain Autumn Wedding is just plain ridonculously beautiful.
  4. Plus, they weren’t just holding their Ceremony at Thurlby Domain, they were also having a Thurlby Domain Wedding Reception.  Now, for a number of reasons I won’t go into right now, Thurlby Domain Wedding Receptions are rare.  In fact, I have only shot one other Thurlby Domain Wedding Reception before (the also lovely Andrea & Pat’s Stunning Thurlby Domain Wedding, also in Autumn).
  5. As if all this wasn’t enough, Lauren & The Girls were getting ready at Jewel On Speargrass, literally the most beautiful Getting Ready Location I have ever had the pleasure of shooting at.  Plus, it’s literally across the fence from Thurlby Domain so you can actually walk to your Thurlby Domain Ceremony from there!

The Friday before Laurem & Andy’s Wedding it absolutely bucketed down with rain.  But I had been watching the weather forecast closely.  So I knew it was looking pretty good for their Big Day on Saturday.  When Saturday morning came, the weather was about as beautiful as it gets.  On top of this the autumn colours around Thurlby Domain were in peak condition.  I just knew this wedding was going to be a stunner – and it was!

Thanks to Wild Earth Catering, White Rabbit Cakes, Jewel On Speargrass (since closed, boutique batch accommodation and getting ready location literally next door to Thurlby Domain) and Barbs Frew Wedding Celebrant for helping to make Lauren & Andy’s wedding day the awesome, relaxed and beautiful day that it was.  Right, without further ado I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

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