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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Queenstown Helicopter Photo Flights

Squirrels versus EC120bs, time on the ground, civil twilight, what the hell does all this gobbledegook even mean?

I get a lot of couples asking me questions about helicopters for their Wedding, Heli-wedding, Pre/Post-Wedding Shoot or Surprise Proposal Shoot. So, I thought I would make life easier for all you couples out there if I put all my knowledge and tips re helicopters into one easy to use article. Right, here goes nothing…

Whatever the weather

Now this is what I call a Queenstown Winter Wedding!!  At Coronet Peak...on a snow storm!! fallon photography

You can’t talk about helicopters in a mountainous region like Queenstown without having the weather conversation. Weather really is the number 1 topic (whether you like it or not) with heli flights. Let’s tackle it first head on and get it out of the way.

Helicopter flights in Queenstown do occasionally get cancelled or rescheduled. To give you a very vague indication, I would say for every 10 heli flights I have booked 2 or 3 would get rescheduled. I say rescheduled and not “cancelled” because the heli operators will always bend over backwards to get you on a flight at another time if your original booking is a no-go. If we have to cancel a heli flight (as opposed to rescheduling it) it is usually only because the couple is unable or unwilling to reschedule. (Eg let’s say it’s a wedding day heli photo flight. If the flight is unable to proceed on the wedding day, many couples won’t want the added expense of getting hair, makeup and photographer/videographer on a second day for a post-wedding flight).

The heli can still fly, but you probably won’t want to…

Keep in mind that helicopters can actually fly in absolutely horrible weather. But the helicopter companies know that;

  • We probably won’t want to be on that mountain-top in 35 kmph winds or driving rain, and
  • We probably don’t want to get everybody airsick in a super rough flight just before you get married/propose/start your photo shoot.

Mother Nature: 1, Humans: 0

Now this is what I call a Queenstown Winter Wedding!!  At Coronet Peak...on a snow storm!! fallon photography

The main weather challenges facing the helicopter operators are;

  • Wind. The number one reason flights get rescheduled or heli locations changed is because of wind. If you are down at valley floor level and the trees are moving a bit in the wind, it can often mean it’s blowing a gale up in the mountains. In a situation like this, the helicopter company will often suggest we change to a more sheltered heli location or reschedule to later that day or another day altogether.
  • Cloud. The Number 2 reason heli flights get rescheduled/heli locations get changed is cloud. With the exception of rescue or medical choppers (which have special equipment), helicopter pilots fly purely by sight. This means cloud is a big factor as they can’t see the mountains (or anything else) if they are trapped in cloud. As a result, the pilot has to think not only about getting you to your mountain-top destination but also getting you home safely. So heavy cloud can cause them to rethink the heli location or flight time/date.
  • Precipitation (rain, hail or snow). This type of weather challenge happens way less than the first 2. Queenstown is actually a fairly dry sub-alpine environment. This is why our mountains are brown rather than green – they don’t get much rainfall. Obviously, rain, hail or snow can limit visibility and make it difficult or dangerous to fly. But more importantly, if it’s raining cats and dogs or snowing heavily, the heli company will likely suggest we might not want to be on that mountain-top even if we could get up there!

Weather checks

Most of the helicopter companies will make a weather check and call you to either confirm or try to reschedule 1 hour before your flight time. They will normally call whoever made the booking to confirm/reschedule. If your photographer is experienced with heli flights, is local and you trust them, I would suggest you get the heli company to call them for the weather check. And if there are parts of your wedding day that hinge upon the timing of the heli flight, you might want to ask the heli company to do the weather check earlier to give you more advance warning.

You can’t fly when you planned, so what next?

How to get amazing photos out of your Queenstown Heli Wedding fallon photography

Ok, so let’s assume that it’s 1 hour before you are due to fly and the heli company rings to say they can’t fly and are going to have to reschedule due to weather. What happens next?

Rescheduling versus cancelling


If you are planning a Wedding or Elopement and have booked hair and makeup and possibly rented clothing, rescheduling your heli flight may mean increasing these costs. You would certainly also be increasing costs for your Photographer and Videographer as they would now be shooting an additional half day at least. Lastly, don’t forget to factor in the extra time commitment required to do another shoot and prep for it on a second shoot date.

But, on the positive side, doing the heli flight sometime after your wedding day will make your wedding day more relaxed. This is because of all the time freed up by not having to drive to the heli base, do the safety briefing, load, fly, shoot, fly, unload and travel to the reception venue. It also means you can potentially fly at the best time of day for awesome photos. Ie if you are now doing your heli flight the day after the wedding you might be able to do a sunset flight on a good weather day for awesome light.


If you are unable to fly at the time planned and you can’t reschedule to later that day/another date, usually the heli company won’t charge you.

However, if the weather is good enough to fly but you decide to cancel anyway, they may charge you a cancellation fee. It varies from company to company, but most heli operators won’t charge a cancellation fee if you cancel 48 hours before the flight time or earlier.


Unless you have booked your heli flight as part of a Package (eg a Wedding Planner’s Package that includes the heli flight), chances are you haven’t paid anything for the heli yet. Normally, if you book direct the heli company will take your credit card details as a deposit but not actually charge anything to your card. This is because cancellations happen often enough that it’s not worth their while charging you until your flight is guaranteed. So, even if your flight cancels you shouldn’t have to do anything with regards to payment. No flight = no charge.


If the heli company has called you to tell you the heli flight can’t go ahead as planned, I recommend you tell your photographer/videographer ASAP. Giving them as much notice as you can makes it easier for them to come up with/fine tune a Plan B.

Other vendors

Check with your photographer; if the heli flight reschedules/cancels, will it affect the timing of any other important parts of the day? If so, let the appropriate vendors know. Eg if your flight reschedules to later in the day, will this affect meal times at your Wedding Reception? If so, definitely contact your caterer immediately. Rescheduling dinner for 100 pax is slightly more complex than just warming up the oven a bit later than planned!

Ok, so now that we’ve ticked off the weather question, let’s walk through all the other bits of info you need to know to plan a heli flight in Queenstown…

Helicopter Operators

First of all, you need to know who the helicopter operators in Queenstown are so you can make inquiries with them.

Queenstown Helicopter Operators

The helicopter operators in Queenstown are as follows;

Glenorchy & Wanaka Helicopter Operators

If you are considering doing a heli flight somewhere near but not in Queenstown you might also want to check out these operators;

Queenstown Heli Locations

Note: I’ll be adding more Queenstown Heli Locations asap.

The Ledge, Cecil Peak

Kestin + Chris | Queenstown Midwinter Elopement fallon photography Bob's Cove Elopement

By far the most popular heli location in Queenstown is a spot called The Ledge. The Ledge is a specific spot on the mountain known as Cecil Peak. It is super popular because;

  • The Ledge offers stunning views of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown and the surrounding mountains.
  • This heli location also features dramatic cliffs that can give your photos a real extreme/mountaineering edge.
  • The Ledge is a short 5 minute flight from Queenstown. This short flight time helps keep the helicopter costs to a minimum.

The only real downside with The Ledge is that it IS so popular. If you want a unique location that hasn’t been seen all over the internet, The Ledge is probably not your best choice.

Note: it is not uncommon for a couple/photographer to plan to fly to The Ledge only to have to land elsewhere on Cecil Peak due to wind/cloud/weather. As an example, in the past month I have had 3 heli flights that were planned to land at The Ledge. Of those 3, on 2 occasions we had to give up on The Ledge. On one occasion this was because it was too windy. On the second occasion, it was because The Ledge was very close to some low cloud. The pilot was able to land there but there was a risk that if the cloud lowered we wouldn’t be able to fly home. (Which would be somewhat of a problem!).

Remarkables Ridge

queenstown heli wedding photography

Remarkables Ridge is the second most popular heli location in Queenstown. Like Cecil Peak/The Ledge, it is a very short flight time from Queenstown and this helps keep the flight time and therefore helicopter costs to a minimum. To my knowledge, all of the Queenstown heli operators charge the same for Remarkables Ridge as Cecil Peak – providing they are flying from their heli bases near Queenstown airport.

One of the main reasons (in my opinion) for preferring Remarks Ridge (as the heli companies call it) over Cecil Peak is if your flight is in winter and you are keen on snow. You are definitely not guaranteed snow at either location but Remarkables Ridge is slightly more likely to have snow on the ground than Cecil Peak. Other than that, it’s all down to personal preference as to which location is the better of these two.